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2010 Performance Comparison

I get questions from clients and others about how our investment performance compares to others. I think we do a pretty fine job, but I thought it might be interesting to do a comparison.

Below, I have listed a selection of the large Hedge Funds that are prominently talked about on TV, particularly on CNBC. These are very respected investment managers with billions of dollars under management.

The source for these Hedge Fund 2010 returns is marketfolly.

BankChampaign Equity Management: +22.62%

Paulson & Co Advantage Fund: +11%.

Paulson & Co Advantage Plus Fund: +17%

RenTec’s RIFF: +22.7%

RenTec’s RIEF: +16.5%

Millennium Management: +13.3%. Israel

Greenlight Capital: +12.5%.

SAC Capital: +15%.

Pershing Square Capital: +29.7%

Tudor Investment Corp: +7.5%.

Glenview Capital: +15.3% net..

Moore Capital: +3%.

AQR Capital: +27.3%.

JANA Partners: +8.4%.

Clarium Capital: -23%.

Citadel Investment Group: +10%.

Passport Capital: +18.3%.

Centaurus Energy: -3.8%.

Xerion Fund (Perella Weinberg Partners): +12.66%.

BlueCrest Capital: +16%.

T2 Partners: +10.3% net.

Och-Ziff: +8.44

Perry Capital: +14.6%.

This is not an apples to apples comparison, clearly, as we use a long-only equity management style and these are hedge funds that can use long and short positions as well as concentrations in various asset types. And many of these managers have a history of performance that is significantly above the returns shown above. However, it does show that our process provides extremely competitive returns for our clients.

You have my apology if this seems like its bragging, and maybe it is to a certain extent, but I do get asked how we compare so I thought I’d share.