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Dead Cat Bounce?


We had a bit of a bounce back today in the market, but we were unable to recapture the 13 day moving average. The technicals still show that the market is likely to be under pressure – and if we get some additional selling we will be buying into it.

We bought a bit of Bank of Montreal today – with the Canadian central bank making noises about raising interest rates, that should keep the Canadian Dollar growing in strength against the US dollar, and should make Canadian stocks relatively more attractive. Plus, Canada seems to have the best economy and banking system in the western world, so that is where we want our equity exposure to be concentrated.

Click Here to watch Edwin Starr sing War

Your Vietnam Era trivia tonight is centered around the above video. The song was originally recorded by another famous soul group, but their record label didn’t want them to release it so as not to alienate the music buying public. Can you name the band?

Have a nice night.