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From Washington DC

Many of you know that I’ve been in the Capitol this week with Champaign County First making sure that our elected officials know of our community’s two I frastructure priorities: high speed rail and completion of Olympian drive.

That process of meeting with Senator Durbin, Senator Burris, our next likely Senator and current Congressman Mark Kirk. We also got to meet with Congressmen Johnson, Schock, Mica, and Congresswoman Brown plus various staffers and the Chair of the Federal Railroad Administration. All in all a successful trip as we were able to raise the awareness of our projects with the legislators that have oversight responsiblility for transportation infrastructure.

One of the side benefits was getting to hear their opinions on our economy, debt, deficits, and healthcare. What I was able to take away that will impact client portfolios is that:

1. Health care will cost $2.7 trillion (not the $800 billion we hear in the news) and the Senators (both D and R) that disscussed it while we were viewing them in action from the gallery made no pretension that it would be revenue neutral.

2. One Congressman told us that 2013 will be a year that the economy emplodes as the buyers of our debt will have had enough and won’t want to fund our trillion dollar deficits.

Based upon these and other nuggets of information we will be revisiting our strategy to see how we are prepared for the future.

I’ll be back to a regurlar posting schedule once I get back to Champaign. Posting from my phone is difficult at best.

Have a great weekend!