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Year-To-Date Performance Analysis


I thought you all might like to keep track of the year-to-date performance of the various asset classes. So, the chart above will provide you with performance of Large Cap Stocks, Small Cap Stocks, Agriculture Commodities, Oil, Gold, 30 Year Treasury Bond, Treasury Inflation Protection Securities, Corporate Bonds, High Yield Bonds, and the Dollar.

As you can see, the only loser year-to-date has been the dollar as it pulled back slightly from its counter-trend rally in late 2009.

I’ll do my best to post this periodically to help us assess the markets.

So far, everything is performing according to our 2010 Forecast – but with only six trading days in the year so far, that is to be expected.

Today’s video has nothing to do with the blog, but I was just in the mood for the song. Your trivia question is what’s the name of the actor that played Alex (the deceased) in the movie, even though you never see his face. And for bonus points, did you know he owns a casino? Do you know where its located (there is a tie in with another of his movies)?