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So, How Much Really Is $2.8 Trillion Dollars?

In the last two days, the government has committed to spend $2.8 Trillion more to combat the financial crisis (Treasury Secretary Geitner committed $2 Trillion more for the banking crisis and Congress will commit $800 Billion – its still in conference committee, but it will happen).

How much is that?

Would you believe that if you spent $1 Million each and every day since the 5000BC you still would not spend $2.8 Trillion.

Here is the math:

7009 years since 5000 BC
X 365 days per year (give or take 1,752 leap years)

= 2,558,285 Total Days

X $1,000,000 per day

= Total Dollars Spent: $2,558,285,000,000
Compared to: $2,800,000,000,000

So, you might be interested in what was happening in the world in 5000 BC – Wikopedia tells us this:

The 5th millennium BC saw the spread of agriculture from the Near East throughout southern and central Europe.

Urban cultures in Mesopotamia and Anatolia flourish, developing the wheel. [ Yes, friends, the WHEEL ]

Copper ornaments become more common, marking the Chalcolithic.

Animal husbandry spreads throughout Eurasia, reaching China.

World population grows slightly throughout the millennium, maybe from 5 to 7 million people.

These are enormous amounts of money – too much for us regular tax payers to comprehend. For me to get my head around such a number, I have to come up with this sort of analysis. Yes, its bigger than a breadbox – and those people that pay taxes will end up paying for it with dollars that don't really buy that much.