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Amounts Committed and Spent Already on the Crisis

I had a couple of questions from people wanting to know how Bloomberg calculated their $7 Trillion total commitment by the government to date to deal with the financial crisis. They did not provide the details, but I put together the spreadsheet above for your review.

It shows that we have committed to spend a bit under $8 Trillion actually(and that does not count anything for the auto makers or the economic stimulus package coming from the Obama administration that is estimated anywhere from $500 billion to $1 trillion). It also shows we have spent a bit over $1.3 trillion so far.

The spending comes in four primary areas: Economic Stimulus Packages, Guarantees of Debt, Equity and Debt Purchases, and Low Interest Loans.

I'll try to keep this up-to-date and re-publish it from time-to-time.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!