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2006-06-29 :: The Fed, the Fourth, and Old Faithful

We get the interest rate increase news from the Fed today and the only question is will they raise by 0.25% as anticipated or 0.50% as some have speculated.  It should be an interesting day in the market; if the Fed does anything other than what is expected, we’ll likely see increased volatility, although its hard to gauge whether it will be up or down.  The herd mentality will rule the short-term until proper analysis and investing on fundamentals take over.  My gut feeling says we’ll likely rally on the news, but after the past six weeks, anything can happen.

We continue to execute our plans, raising cash from strategic sales and making targeted purchases where appropriate and where cash is available.

This will be my last entry until after the 4th (more specifically after the 5th when I return to town).  I’m headed out west for a few days of hiking, white water rafting, and other summer outdoor activities in Wyoming.  In particular, we’ll be in Yellowstone so that I can finally see Old Faithful, which you can see above.  It will be a quick tour of Wyoming, with Cody, Jackson Lake, and Jackson Hole also on the agenda.

Have a great holiday weekend and don’t hesitate to contact Andy if you need anything: or 217-351-2870.  We will be speaking each day, so your assets are never out of our care.