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Stock Market On The Run


Its been awhile since we looked at the bear market retracement view of the market. Back then, we saw that the market was consolidating below the 50% recovery level of the entire bear market.

Well, as you can see, its broken above the 50% level and is on the run toward the statistically significant 61.8% retracement (or recovery) level.

The post a few days ago discussing the sugar high in the market seems to be continuing. We continue to ride it higher but are keeping our stop losses in place, raising them as we move up.

Your trivia question this evening is whether you can recall the name of this band (and its NOT Boston). The song shows up in several movies and TV shows, but the band is not a household name. They do have another couple of songs that I’m sure I’ll have on this blog at some point.

Enjoy your evening and have fun with the video.