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Random Thoughts From DCA

Pardon my typing. I’m stuck at the airport in DC with no wifi hotspot for my laptop so this is coming from my phone. Also, no graphics today.

1. The dollar rallied a smidge yesterday but don’t expect a major reversal. You probably have some shorts booking profits after 9 days of the dollar losing value. The chat still looks like we are headed lower after a short rally.

2. Oil continues to show strength. Everytime it falls below $70 we have a rally back to +$72. This is the type of strength that bill markets start with.

3. Have you seen the move in natural gas? Industry insiders are talking about a doubling in it’s price in2010. Maybe even higher if the govt adopts a US-centric energy policy. It costs $300 to convert your car to run on LNG but the per mile cost is much less than gasoline. Plus energy independence from the areas of the world that hate us AND a lowering of the trade deficit … What’s the downside?

I will have fewer postings jverthe next week. I am spending a long weekend with friends away from CU and then have a conference following that. If anything major happens I will give you my thoughts, though.

Enjoy the weekend!