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Share Your Vision of America with the President-Elect

Just follow this link and let our President-Elect know your thoughts on ways to improve things:

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My suggestion was very practical; since we are going to provide incentives to stimulate the economy, lets accomplish something positive with them (Japan stimulated during their deflationary decade, but they build bridges and roads that no one used – it did not have a positive impact on their society):

1. adopt the Pickens Plan for Wind Farms and Natural Gas – lets reduce dependency on foreign oil imports and reduce carbon emissions (carbon is building up in the atmosphere – I don't know if global warming is happening or not, but the carbon increases are proven)

2. provide incentives to gas station owners to change to LNG pumps – lets put people to work manufacturing and installing the pumping equipment

3. remove incentives to oil companies for oil production and switch it to natural gas production incentives – lets provide incentives to produce low cost domestic sources of fuel that are cleaner than oil/gasoline

4. provide incentives to auto makers to retool their plants and being to produce cars that run on LNG – put people to work manufacturing cars that will be in demand

5. provide incentives to consumers to convert their current vehicles to operate on LNG – LNG operated vehicles are cheaper than gasoline operated vehicles, another financial stimulus to the general population

6. provide incentives to build the wind farms for electricity production – it will replace a meaningful percentage of our current electricity produced by oil

7. provide incentives to build nuclear plants for electricity production – it will also replace a meaningful percentage of our current electricity produced by oil. The new plants are safe (ever hear of a nuclear problem in France that generates > 80% of its electricity with nuclear power) and the waste per year per plant is equal to less than the contents of a five gallon bucket.

So, write in and give him your thoughts. Yours will likely be more interesting than mine.